The She Said Club.

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The She Said Club was created as a platform for women to share their stories.

Through life's trials and tribulations, 9 out of 10 times we feel that our failures define us when actually they don't.

When overcoming my own challenges when I shared my experiences with my friends I found that we all felt the same, no matter if we are a stay at home mummy, corporate professional or a wild singleton shooting the breeze, we all suffer the same anxieties and fears.

Unfortunately the world we live in is a weird one, life as we know it has changed forever. Our wellbeing and mental health is fundamentally the most important thing we need to nurture. Self care is not selfish.

Over the last few years I have talked with some of the most amazing women from all walks of life, from our gorgeous soul Lyra McKee to professors, from young widows to fertility specialists, from movie makers and songstresses to Crohns survivors to healthy eating specialists to my very own daughters.

I want to hear your story - so please get in touch.

"I am NOT what has happened to me - I am who I choose to become!"


Naomh x


Naomh McElhatton

Founder & Curator