Summer Soiree

Over the last number of months it has become more evident than ever that a lot of us have struggled with our anxieties and self confidence.

We are always quick to put ourselves down and never accept a compliment when given! It's the good ole line that when someone comments on how lovely our top or outfit is that we go and defend that praise by saying ... "this aule thing sure it was only £10 out of Primark" or when someone comments on how beautiful a ring or piece of jewellery is our go to is ... "Ah now it's filthy, it needs a good clean".

Why is it that we can't see the positives in most situations? It is like our factory setting is automatically set to negative.

The purpose of our recent Nourish to Flourish event in the Shandon Hotel, was to bring a night of positivity, no negative self talk allowed. It was wonderful to see the energy that evening created. Laughter, dancing and everyone in great spirits - I only wish I could bottle that feeling and sell it.

On the back of that event we are now bringing the Summer Soiree to Belfast. We have an amazing crew of guest speakers. All of our speakers are leaders in their field - yet all of them have faced huge challenges on their journey to success.

Summer Soiree is an evening full of inspirational stories, aspirational goals, motivation, health and fabulous life transformations to help re-energise your own passions and self beliefs!

For more visit:

Hope to see you there!


Naomh x

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