The Le Jardin Spa Experience.

Le Jardin is a new 5 star spa located in the Linen Green complex in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.

The spa manager Louise invited me to experience their "Return To Wellness" package. Now girls I am no shrinking violet when it comes to a massage, so of course I accepted!

I genuinely did not know what to expect heading towards Le Jardin. I parked up and dandered in only to be WOWed on entrance. The exterior signage is gorge, but when you walk in, it's like a calming oasis as as soon as you put your foot over the door, the interior design is just beautiful. A colour palette of greys and blues, complimented with draping foliage just sets the mood immediately.

I was warmly welcomed, invited to take a seat only to be given a hand exfoliation and massage (now this is the kinda hand sanitation I am into!). I was then invited to the changing facilities where my robe and slippers awaited. Do you remember the Fairy non-bio advert that had the baby swaddled in fluffy towels? Well that's what it felt like putting on the robe. The team also had individual showering products for afterwards. The attention to detail is the one very obvious thing in this spa experience, so far so good.

The ambience in the treatment room was spot on, just the right temperature not too warm like a sauna and not too cold like you'd need another blanket. The music was soothing, thank god there was no latest chart music in panpipe edition playing as that just would've ruined the whole thing! The treatment included a facial, back, neck and shoulder massage. Needless to say there was a lot of tension in my shoulders. Now whilst I am into the medium light touch massage, there really is no benefit in that. This experience was a no nonsense deep tissue massage, my neck which has given me gyp for a while was whipped back into position. The treatment lasted well over an hour and I floated out of it. I could feel the benefit immediately the knots in my shoulders had been released thanks to Vita's magic hands!

Post treatment you are taken into the relaxation room, where you lie down and relax on one of the 4 beds. You are sedated once again by the subtle sound of a water trickling when you realise there is a stunning water feature which covers the left hand side of the wall. After snuggling into the blanket lunch is then brought in. Heart warming homemade vegetable soup and a freshly made chicken salad sandwich with a few cheeky crisps on the side. You also have the option of a sweet treat dessert, I was a good girl and refused!

I took a wee nosy into the thermal suite as I forgot my swimsuit - raging! There is a steam room (which is obviously out of action at the moment due to CV19), a bucket drench, an infra-red sauna, a heated vitality pool - I was so tempted to hop in!!

After I gathered my chilled self I showered, dressed and headed out back into the real world.

I have to say there is genuinely nothing I could fault on this experience, if you asked me to score it out of 10 ... I would give it full marks. The experience is a delightful one. The staff are polished, the spa itself is stunning and absolutely spotless. In fact I am adding the interior to my Pinterest inspiration boards.

Check it out for yourself here: or follow the Le Jardin on Facebook


Naomh xx

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