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During Lockdown I had decided that I wanted to be more of service to others. To concentrate more on my career as a Wellness Coach. I was exhausted juggling a full time job, doing extra hours in the gym to make ends meet each month, with a small child to take care of as a single mum.

I was originally a PR and Media Graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Education. I decided to move to Milan, Italy in 2010, due to the lack of jobs in teaching. After I graduated in Scotland, my lifestyle completely changed. I have not drunk alcohol for almost 13 years and I changed my diet by educating myself in the fitness and nutrition world.

Physically I have never looked better. I feel more confident and I have a new found energy for life. However, my experience in getting there was not all unicorns and rainbows.

My father died in 2011, I moved to Abu Dhabi in 2013, I had fully reconstructed a desolated house and was married by 2014, my daughter arrived in 2015 and I was separated by 2018. These experiences are definitely magnified when you are the ‘foreign’ woman and immersed in a completely different culture, as well as having to speak another language, under extreme and intense circumstances. A language which I found extremely difficult to learn, and still do after 10 years living here. I was completely burnt out.

Through my own experiences, I knew I wanted to help other women and girls. By doing this it lifted the burden and the weight of my own difficulties and problems. So, I decided to concentrate on becoming a Wellness Coach and I gave myself a voice by becoming a writer and a useful member in my community. A voice I felt I didn’t have in Italy. Not only with the language barrier, but also as a woman in a male driven society. That still pays men more for doing the same job.

It has been the best decision I have ever made. Not only do I love my career, but I learn and I educate myself every single day, to ensure I provide the best possible service to the people that I am working with. I also learned that men too, need encouragement just as much as women. As I have many male clients, which is wonderful as it allows me the ability for a more harmonious balance to be achieved in the family home. Especially when my female clients are experiencing exhaustion and lack of appreciation for the myriad of tasks that they are trying to keep on top of. It is harder to change the old ingrained belief systems of men. But if the willingness is there. It has proven to work and be achievable.

My clients have doubled since Lockdown, particularly with children and mum’s doing the juggling act at home, through having to work online as well as home school their children. Expectations of the ‘mother’s role’ hasn’t changed, yet the hours they are doing in a week, is the equivalent to working 2 x full time jobs. It looks to continue that way until September, 2020. When the schools will look to re-open again.

Never has therapy and coaching been more sought after and needed. The effects of this global disaster will still not show until later on. A lot of my clients have commented on how they never thought they would ever seek extra support, it was almost like admitting failure. Yet, they are there, because the people in their lives choose not to get help. That is the swings and roundabouts.

I am currently working with children and adolescents in my community. My youth group creates a beautiful learning environment for children and teenagers to reach out, grow positively and to share in a safe space. A space where I can also take my own child with me.

If you wish to reach out:


Facebook: @DJKMotivate

More about me:

I am a Wellness Coach and Writer. I thrive in empowering women and girls to grow into the best versions of themselves without feeling any pressure in getting there. These goals are achieved by education and working through old belief systems and developing new ones. Which allow them to walk the walk, instead of just talk the talk. Each client is unique and individual, and so will be their goals and improvement plans.

I am currently being mentored by some of the most influential names in the fitness and wellness industry. I work as a wellness coach and instructor for Virgin Active and New Olimpia gym in Italy.

I am an advocate for empowering women and girls globally through various platforms such as Thrive Global, Half the Sky, Like a Girl and The Female Lead.

I teach educational lessons to children, teenagers in both private and public schools in Milan. As well as online.

I have recently become a Wellness Columnist for the Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser in Scotland, with publications in the Daily Record.

Facebook: @DJKMotivate

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