Bubbles & Books - Surviving Lockdown!

It's fair to say we have all used our imaginations to max capacity over the last few months during "Lockdown". I for one have cooked some very "special" cuisine praying to God even though it looks nice, that hopefully it tastes nice - thankfully no one has died of food poison!

I am very lucky to still be working full-time, in fact work has never been busier, how ironic! The days are flying in for me, coupled with home schooling, trying to keep a clean and tidy house, whilst feeding the crew. Learning when to switch off is probably my biggest challenge at the moment. Working from home means there is no official "home-time".

It has also occurred to me that my consumption of alcohol has changed dramatically, pre Covid-19 alcoholic beverages were for the weekend, with the odd glass of vino sneakily appearing on a Thursday evening. Now with reckless abandon I've completely thrown caution to the wind; GnT Mondays, thirst quenching Peroni Tuesdays, and maybe a wild Malbec Wednesday, with absolutely zero fxxks given and to really add fuel to the fire, it would be fair to say Hunky Dorys crisp sales would have significantly increased over the last few weeks.

So, before I become the size of a whale, I got to thinking how can I manage my time more effectively? In a typical day before the 14th March 2020 I was driving for at least 3 hours per day - that's a minimum of 15 hours per week, hours of my life that I am NEVER getting back!!

The productivity cogs started to turn!

Each morning at 11am my gym runs a 30 minute body weight class (and thanks to Hunky Dorys there's plenty of body weight to shift!) A new commitment was made, I now (work conference call pending) take part in as many of the 11am sessions possible. I also dusted down the old bike and have started to get the miles in. However, lets be brutally honest it's counter-productive ... the exercise is balancing the surplus calorie intake!

I also wanted to take this time to learn something new. I am on my third InDesign tutorial (still not the first clue what I am supposed to do - will persevere though!!) I then thought to myself right, Naomh, time to read more, blow the dust of that pretentious collection of books you have there and actually read them. Hoorah, another box ticked. Finally finished books that had been disowned, half read for the last few months.

Suddenly, I thought wouldn't it be great to actually share my new found insights from becoming once again an avid reader. Wouldn't it be good craic to start a new book club. Only problem is we can't congregate due to lockdown. In good old Insta family fashion I casually dropped a note on the She Said stories to see if anyone fancied joining me for a good book and a bitta banter and low and behold my fabulous community of readers all came out the Instagram wood work.

Thanks to the beautiful Emer D, we selected Grown Ups by Marian Keyes as our first book for our "Virtual" She Said Book Club which takes place this Friday at 7:30pm. I have the Zoom invitation sent, the questions posed and all that leaves me to do now is chill a wee bottle of Prosecco and get the bowl of Sour Cream and Onion at the ready!

If you need a break from reality and fancy joining us at next months Book Club drop me an email naomh@shesaid.club.

We are all in this together.

Stay safe!


Naomh xx

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