Hi girls, I don't know if it's because I turned 40 in June, that Meghan the Duchess of Sussex's 40x40 campaign really resonated with me.

The ethos of the campaign is to support women who have left the workforce, for whatever reason. We all know how difficult life has been over the last 18 months and let's be honest most of us women shoulder the brunt of the work when it comes to unpaid labour. Homeschooling, cleaning, caring for other family members. According to research fewer women than men will regain work as we recover from Covid!

Through my own work with Women in Business and Boardroom Apprentice I have witnessed time and time again the lack of confidence women carry (I know men suffer too), the dreaded self-doubt and imposter syndrome that overwhelms so many.

We are all on a journey, we all have tough times, some get it much tougher than others. I know through support, a listening ear, supported by words of encouragement and direction we really can help empower each other.

Through this campaign I am looking for 40 mentors to sign up to give 40 minutes of their time to help support women re-entering the workplace.

Can you spare 40 minutes of your time?

Maybe you are a mentee and are seeking a mentor - either way I want you to sign up.

Email: naomh@shesaid.club

Looking forward to hearing from you all!!


Naomh x

#letsdothis #40x40 #compassioninaction

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