3 Simple Rules for Life

Most days I look online for some kind of inspirational quote that I can relate to, whether its to inspire me to go for a run, eat healthier or to realise we are all ok as we are!

A few years ago I suffered from what can only be classified as serious procrastination, anything that moved or sparkled or any thing that was a mere distraction from me getting my work completed for the day could swish me off my seat away from the important task at hand.

I read a book a few years ago that talked about 'Priorities' - that book literally transformed my mind set, every morning I wrote a "to do" list, then from that list I extrapolated the Top 5 most important things to do and through disciplined practice of this routine I actually started to achieve what needed to be completed that day on time. This has been a saving grace over the last few years, as I feel a sense of contentment most evenings knowing that I am on top of my game, and nothing is looming over me that night as I switch off to go to sleep!

Now, over the last 11 months, I would say they have been challenging in all sorts of shapes, sizes and situations haven't they? Everyday has felt like 13th March 2020, this is how long it's been since I started working from home. Awaken, rise, coffee, computer on, shower, dress, coffee, work, walk / run (jog) / spin / drink, eat, sleep, repeat.

Groundhog Day. I could slowly feel my motivation slipping, eating and drinking whatever I wanted on whatever day of the week, weekends became irrelevant. Then one day I asked myself what is it you're actually doing to yourself here? Where is your spark and zest for work and life?

I wrote a piece back in November that talked about how we are in control of our own frequency and that is true, because guess what in November I decided to up my frequency, to be optimistic, I decided to practice gratitude daily, I was promoted at work, my excitement and zest all came flooding back. Renewed with purpose and direction.

So, it's now Friday morning, its also pay day in January, one we all love to see hit our bank accounts. Whilst sipping on my first coffee of the day and surfing for my Friday Motivation I came across this gem:

"3 Simple Rules for Life"

  1. If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it.

  2. If you don't ask, the answer will always be No!

  3. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.

I do realise that we can't travel at the moment and there are lots of restrictions in place, but that does not mean that you give up on your goals and ambitions. My advice today is get get a new notepad, write your "to do" list, prioritise and smash those lists!

Remember to always hustle humble and have a fabulous weekend.


Naomh xxx

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